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Defective Product Policy

Defective Product Policy

Because of our dedication to customer satisfaction and education, we feel it is important to explain some of the unique characteristics of natural wood to our customers. 

Just as no two trees are identical, no two pieces of wood are identical. Even lumber obtained from the same tree will possess marked differences.  For instance, there is an area near the center of the tree that is composed of a denser and darker wood called “heart wood”, conversely the outer layers of the tree are made up of lighter colored wood called “sap wood”.  As might be expected, these two types of wood will vary somewhat when finished. This natural occurrence can create beautiful variations in the grain, texture and color throughout your cabinetry.  In addition, natural characteristics in the wood such as burls, wild grain patterns, mineral streaks and small sap deposits are not considered defects; on the contrary, this is what makes real wood beautiful. Each hardwood species has its own distinct grain pattern, texture and color.  Variations in the finish due to these natural occurring characteristics of the wood will not be reason in and of itself for product replacement. 

In addition, wood veneers will absorb stain differently than solid wood and as a result may differ slightly with adjacent cabinetry.  Once again, this is a normal occurrence and not considered in any way a defect.  Generally speaking, as wood ages or “mellows” it will darken slightly; therefore if a replacement cabinet or component is placed next to a cabinet with an older finish, there may be a slight difference in the appearance.  The degree of change is dependent on wood specie, wood cuts, light exposure and the color of finish applied.  As time goes on however, and both pieces of cabinetry have a chance to “mellow” together, these differences in finish will become less and less.  Variations in wood color, grain and mellowing are natural characteristics of wood and will not be reason for replacement under warranty.

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